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     In the South Kazakhstan university by M. Auezov opened a new faculty called “History and pedagogy”                     according to the decree from 05.01.2020.

     Today the faculty consists of 5 departments: “General History and Museum Business”, “History of Kazakhstan”,           “Modern pedagogical and psychology”, “Psychology and special pedagogy”, “Theory and methods of preschool and primary school education”.

    The faculty prepares specialists with a bachelor’s degree in 17 specialties in the pedagogical and social sectors:


  1. 6В01210-5В010100 - Preschool education and upbringing
  2. 6В01310-5В010200 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
  3. 6В01112 - Psychology and mediation
  4. 6В01912 - Deaf education
  5. 6В01110-5В 010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology
  6. 6В01910-5В010500 - Defectology
  7. 6B01904 - Tutoring in inclusive education
  8. 6В01111 - Practical Psychology
  9. 6В03130-5В050300 - Psychology
  10. 6B01610-5B011400 - History
  11. 5В011600 - Geography
  12. 6B02220-5B020300 - History (humanitarian)
  13. 6В02230-5В 020800 - Archeology and Ethnology
  14. 6В03210-5В091000 - Librarianship
  15. 5В041900 - Museum work and monument conservation
  16. 6В05220-5В060900 - Geography (scientific)
  17. 6В01561-5В012900 - Geography - history

Along with them, in 8 specialties of scientific-pedagogical and specialized fields specialists of master’s degree are graduated.

The contingent of students of the faculty will include not only citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also near and far abroad. Our students are prize-winners of national and international competitions.

All conditions are created for students. The library of the last sample, electronic training halls, resource centers, free Internet, assembly halls, a gallery, a medical center, a dining room, a 5-floor dormitory near the educational building creates a convenient climate for the comfortable study of students.

Students of our faculty have the opportunity to go to study for 1 semester at universities in the country, as well as near and far abroad in accordance with the Bologna process, as well as undergo military training.

Scientific and pedagogical activities at the faculty are carried out by doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, as well as masters teachers. Among them are the holders of state grants, "The Best University Teachers", who have undergone scientific training in European universities.

Welcome to the fact sheet of our faculty “History and Pedagogy”

Dean of the Faculty Urazbayev Kurmangali Marhabatuly.