Work of the young psychologist circle

23.05.2016 at «Psychology and Defectology» department under the leadership of the senior teacher, the master of pedagogics and psychology, the head of the young psychologist circle Aytzhanova G. T. the seminar training on the subject "Use Psychotechnician" at which were present the manager of «Psychology and Defectology» department doctor of psychological sciences, professor Lekerova G. Zh. has been organized., director of school gymnasium No. 1 of A.S. Pushkin, master of pedagogics and psychology Abildayeva G. S., teachers of department, and also students of 3 courses. Students of the young psychologist circle have shown some art therapeutic technicians, to technician of the psychodrama, and also have shown the principles of work with psychological associative cards which are applied in advisory and psychotherapeutic practice. Students have prepared the interesting thematic presentations, have shown elements of the psychodrama and have shown the high potential.