In the three of leaders

In May, 2016 the Independent agency of accreditation and a rating (NAAR) in the «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda» newspaper from 18.05.16.byl has published the Rating-2016 where the three of leaders of ranging of educational programs of bachelor degree-magistracy-doctoral studies, and also a general rating in the directions of training of specialists and Top-50 of the best teachers of higher education institutions have been presented. The three of leaders, on quality of educational programs, had included specialty - 5V010500 the "Defectology" of Psychology and Defectology department headed professor Lekerova G. Zh. Results of a rating have shown the high level of an educational program for this specialty. We congratulate teachers of department, students, parents on this bright and affirmative victory and we wish further success in the solution of problems of improvement of quality of educational programs of achievement of competitiveness!!!