Shymkent athlete Zhanbota Aldabergenova recognized as the best in Europe

In the Swiss city of Airolo ended European Cup freestyle skiing. Our compatriot 2nd year student of the faculty "Physical culture and sport" M.Auezov SKSU Zhanbota Aldabergenova proved once again, that is the best in Europe, having won first place.

Recall that in Finland it is the European Cup last December, it won two prizes, but in January this year, it has become a two-time champion of Europe in Minsk. In the first in the history of the country's ski acrobatics Zhanbota won a silver medal at the World Cup. Thus, as a result, it is recognized as the best athlete freestyle Europe.

Illustrative believe Shymkent fans athletes and its serial number under which she performed at the European Cup. "13" - the number of the region, is already widely regarded as the most successful serial number and not an unlucky number.

"This is the best gift to the March 8" - says athlete. With the victory, Zhanbota !!!