During 2016, work on the introduction of research results into the educational process has significantly intensified.
Б-16-10-1 Teoretiko-methodological bases of vocational training of future psychologists and defectologists in the innovative educational environment in the context of the "Strategy Kazakhstan-2050", item 4 "Knowledge and professional skills are key guidelines of the modern system of education, training and retraining of personnel"
Б-16-10-02 Psychological foundations of personality formation at the stage of the implementation of the program "Nurly zhol - Bolashaqqa bastar zhol" "Nurly zhol - Bolashak bastar zhol" bag'darlamasyn zhyzege asyru kezen'inde tulg'anin' qalyptasuynyn' psixologiyalyq negizderi
Б-16-10-3 «Mangilik El» ideyasyn iske asyruda «Bastapqy askeri dayindiq» mug'alimderinin' patriottiq qasiyetterin qalyptastyrudyn' zhane zhetildirudin' tiyimdi zholdary
Б-16-10-16 Ошибка перевода.Theoretical and Applied Questions of Teaching Biological Disciplines.
Б-16-12-07 Formation of students SKSU them. M. Auezov goals and objectives in the system of physical education in the implementation of the message of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan "Nurly zhol-Path to the future"
Б-16-12-08 Qazaqstan Respublikasy Presidenti N.A.Nazarbayevtyn 2014 zhylgy 11 qarasha «Nurly zhol-  bolashaqqa bastar zhol» atty Qazaqstan halqyna Zholdauyn iske asyru maqsatunda:
«Gumanitarlyq pedagogikalyq zhane zharatylystanu phacultety studentterinin dene sapalaryn oqu urdisinde damytu» taqyrybinda gylymi zertteu zhumysyn zhurgizu.
Б-16-12-09 Pedagogical conditions for the formation of the self-education of students in the process of preparation for sports activities in the context of the "Strategy Kazakhstan-2050", item 4 "Knowledge and professional skills are key guidelines of the modern education system, training and retraining of personnel"
Б-16-12-10 Scientific pedagogical bases of training specialists in physical culture and sports in the context of the implementation of the program "Kazakhstan way - 2050"


      Subjects of research performed on grants.
At the department of "TMFCaS" scientific work is carried out on a contractual basis "hozdogovor №486". The theme of this work is: "Production of biologics of a wide spectrum of action." Completed by: Ph.D., Associate Professor Isaev E.

Scientific projects of the faculty "Physical Culture and Sport"

Full name

Project Themes



Abitiyarova Aigul Abitiyarovna

Ошибка перевода.Creation of the integrated center of acmeological monitoring for the professional development of teachers and psychologists



Dzheksenbaeva Kaliyash Ospanovna

"Psychological support of professional self-determination of persons with disabilities in the context of inclusive education"



Isabaeva Ayman Sagintaevna

"Formation of professional competencies of future teachers - psychologists and defectologists in the context of inclusive education" (on the example of "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools")



Nurbekova Aida Muratbekovna

Development of a professional model of the tutor in working with children with disabilities in conditions of inclusive education



Yesaliyev Aydarbek As'arbeklyuly

Psycho-physiological and socio-pedagogical adaptation of foreign students in the social and educational process of universities in Kazakhstan



Ошибка перевода.Zholdasbekova Bibisara Abdumanovna

Intellectualization of physical education through the implementation of scientifically-based planning of the motor development of primary school pupils

- completion;

- finalization is received;

- formal verification (10/10/2017)


Tleulov Ernst Geldibaevich

Formation of the personality of the future teacher of physical culture and sports in the process of studying at the university



Shalkharbekova Nazerke Abdirahmanovna

Studying the development of ethnic prejudices in the process of social adaptation of Kazakhs living in a new ethno-cultural environment (in Europe).

Formal check



Zholdasbekov Abdimanat Abdrazakovich

Development of strategic directions for the development of the modern education system in the context of the realization of the national idea of "Mongilik El"

- completion;

- finalization is received;

- formal verification (10/10/2017)



Koisybaeva Nazira Isakulovna

The use and implementation of an effective methodology for the development of memory processes for pupils and students



Usembaeva Roza Bazarbaevna

Spiritual and methodological bases of formation of positive psychology personality



Zhunisbekova Zhanna Alkhanovna

Development of communicative competence among students of humanitarian specialties in conditions of multilingual education



Shomanbaeva Almira Orazalievna

Ошибка перевода.Investigation of individual psychological characteristics of the individual with a view to conducting corrective and prophylactic measures aimed at preventing the syndrome of mental burnout in workers in socionic professions