Results of the Olympics.

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the M. Auezov SKSU, the chair "Physical Education for Economic, Legal and Agrarian Specialties" of the faculty "Physical Culture and Sports" organized a "sports contest among first-year students." The sports contest was held in 11 sports.

1- Football.

2- Boys basketball.

3- Girls Basketball.

4- Boys Volleyball.

5- Girls Volleyball.

6- Chess.

7- Togyzmamalaq.

8- arm wrestling.

9- Table tennis.

10- Presidential test.

11- Swimming in water.

Teams consisting of 12 faculties and college students of SKSU actively participated in sports competitions of all kinds of sports. The Olympics took place on October 8-12. As a result, the winning teams were awarded for each sport. The following faculties were awarded:

1-place - Faculty of Law and International Relations.

2-place - College SKSU

3-place - Graduate School "Agricultural Sciences"

The winning teams received special diplomas and valuable prizes.