Research work, RWS

The research work of the department is carried out on the theme "Development of physical qualities in the process of teaching the students of the humanities, pedagogical and natural-pedagogical faculty in the framework of the message of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan" Nurly Zhol-Path to the future ". Cipher: B-16-12-08 Head: Head of the Department Mambetov M.K.
Performers: teachers of the department.
Step 2-3. Determination of methods of theoretical research. Determined methodological basis for the formation of moral qualities.
Expected scientific and practical results
Publication of scientific articles. Participation in the work of scientific conferences with the release of reports. Preparation and production of educational guidelines and manuals. Organization and conduct of the debate among students 1-3 courses on ethics of behavior in society.
The department conducts propaganda among students the study of general physical preparedness. Work is also underway to process the data obtained to determine the physical preparedness of students studying at SKSU. M. Auezov, in particular with students of the EPF, PIK, FF.
The faculty conducts a large amount of work to involve students in research and development activities.
Under the guidance of teachers, students actively conduct research work, which is reflected in speeches with reports at conferences of various levels, publications in scientific journals and the preparation of scientific papers that are submitted for competitions, including Republican ones.
Annually the agitation work is conducted with graduates of the city school for admission to our university. Teachers of the department Zatybekov K., Esimbekov K. conducted agitation work in the Tulkubas region - Eltai, Kemirbastau, Kumisbastau, Zhabayly, Shahpah Baba, No. 56, No. 69 of the city school.