The president met the leading sport exchanges of the South!!!

With working visit our area was visited by the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev. The president met the leading athletes of the South of the country.

    Nursultan Nazarbayev examined and activity of the sports complex intended for promoting of big tennis among the population. The national tennis center in Shymkent is constructed by Federation of tennis of Kazakhstan at the request of the head of state. In the center including 12 opened and 4 of the closed court more than 300 children are engaged.

    The leading athletes of the South Kazakhstan area among whom Birzhan Zhakipov, Zhanbota Aldabergenova, Kayrat Eraliyev, Yury Yurkov, Rasheed Yunusmetov and B'day, all of them are students and graduates of SKSU to  M. Auezov winners and prize-winners of the international competitions, Zhanbot Aldabergenov the day before I won silver of the Freestyle World Championship and at once on arrival directly from the station I got on a meeting with I ate basses it was very disturbing and at all unexpectedly I even since the beginning believed not at once Zhanbota speaks. With the response word on behalf of all athletes of the South the World champion in boxing Birzhan Zhakipov addressed to the head of state. All leading athletes of the South promised the president to win the Olympic licenses and of course adequately to present to RK at the forthcoming Olympic Games to Rio in 2016.

    Nursultan Abishevich wished the audience success and achievement of high sports results. In turn, athletes thanked the head of state for continued support and attention to questions of development of physical culture and sport in the republic.