Polish granite of science

On 02/14/2015 at 01/07/2015 student group FC 12-3k2 chair "Psychology and defectology» Rahymbay Saltanat Nurzhankyzy was trained on the program "Academic mobility" in Poland in Lodz. At the University of Lodz in the department of "Education and Science" Rahymbay S. trained leaders of the educational sphere and the luminaries of Polish science Jonna Lick Yarkevich Anna, Joanna Witkowski, Eleanor Belyavska.Rahymbay Saltanat trained 6 psychological disciplines and scored 26 kredit. In free time Saltanat visited countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia. This year, the 70-years of  Lodz Universitiet yubiley. It is said 4th year student Saltanat plans to organize a meeting with students 1,2 courses to promote the pursuit of knowledge and science.