Оpen lesson

   With cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and to features of correction of motive violations open practical class in discipline "A special technique of training in physiotherapy exercises" in FC 12-2R group was devoted to a problem of support of health of children. Classes were given by the teacher of Psychology and Defectology chair Saripbekova A. T. On occupation students protected the presentations on the subject "The Reasons, Types and Consequences of Cerebral Spastic Infantile Paralysis at Children", "Medical Equipment for Children with Cerebral Spastic Infantile Paralysis", "Medical Massage at Cerebral Spastic Infantile Paralysis". Also on occupation students showed a complex of the correctional exercises used during the work with children with the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis easy form - exercises with fitboly, a hoop, with a touch path, musical rhythmics, exercises on development of a small motility of hands. The problem of support of health of children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis remains actual. On occupation students could show the practical skills in mastering of methods of physiotherapy exercises.