Educational work

During physical culture classes, educational work of students is aimed at a positive conversation, aesthetic and socio-political education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, participation in sports clubs.

On educational work with students held open educational hours devoted to various holidays. In order to form students ' sense of patriotism, morality, compassion, love for the Motherland, various events were organized. In each academic year, events dedicated to the Nauryz holiday were organized. In the new academic year, various activities and open class hours were organized.
In addition, it has become a tradition to organize charity events, to assist children from low-income families in the orphanage.


At the beginning of the academic year, according to the plan of educational work of the faculty, the plan of the department of educational work is developed. Plans are planned and recorded. The curatorial hours are approved and all tutors spend their curatorial hours according to the schedule. All groups of students are organized and trained in sports clubs outside the classroom. Students of the group will be introduced to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the law "On Education". Educational activities, including: socio-political and legal measures, international and patriotic education, religious extremism and international terrorism prevention, humane cultural and aesthetic education, scientific research and creative activities, activities in dormitory, involvement of students in sports mass media and promotion of healthy lifestyles, vocational training activities for students, orphans, semi-orphans, low-income and large families twdentterge charity support measures.

The 13th Olympiad among 1st year students during the graduation ceremony as part of the Spiritual Renewal  Program of the Declaration by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Health Program of South Kazakhstan State University named by M. Auezov .


Header, s lecture of the honored of the Republic  of  Kazakhstan master of sports  in weightlifting A. Makarov.