Educational work

     Annually in September, students and curators of training groups participate in the action "Day of Knowledge". In all training groups, the Presidential Mile-Path to Health events are held.
     Students participated in events dedicated to the "Day of the Republic", "Day of the City". Round tables are held on the topic: "Speed - the plague of the twentieth century", about the dangers of drugs, smoking and alcoholism. Students actively participate in international, between university, city, regional sports competitions.

    Curators are held on the topic: "Politics and Youth", as well as debates and seminars were held on the theme: "The future of Kazakhstan in the hands of young people", "Science and Life", "Science and Youth".
    Students with the curators of the study groups attended the theaters and museums of the city.
    In all training groups there will be discussions on the topic: "AIDS is not, drugs are not"
   The students of the department took an active part in sports competitions dedicated to the "Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan", as well as held meetings with the participants of the Olympic Games, and with the best sportsmen of the city, region and republic.

    The students of the department take an active part in the work of student construction teams and "Zhasyl El".
    Students actively participate in events dedicated to the "International Women's Day on March 8", the holiday "Nauryz".
    Teachers of the department in the hostel number 1 hold talks on President Nursultan Nazarbayev's Addresses to the "People of Kazakhstan".
     Curatorial hours are devoted to participants of the Afghan war and "Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War".