Educational-methodical work

     Educational and methodical work in the first and second semester of the 2017 academic year:
1. Iskakova MS, Abdramanova N.Sh. Recommendations on the conduct of industrial, scientific, psychological practice for 6М050300-Psychology.
3. Ertaeva LM, Yakubova NB Methodical instructions for practical exercises in the discipline "Psychology and Human Development" for students of specialties 5V011800.
4. Usembaeva R.B. Methodical instructions for self-study of the master's degree in the discipline "Psychology in Kazakhstan" for students 6M050300-Psychology of specialty.
5. Sakhieva F.A. Collection of lectures on the topic "Psychology" for masters 6M050300-Psychology.
6. Zhunisbekova Zh.A., Koishibaeva N.I. Educational benefit on the discipline "Mathematical analysis of scientific research" for undergraduates of specialties 6М050300 – Psychology.
7. Nurzhigitov AS, Aimenova Zh. Guiding principles of the organization of industrial practice for students on the specialty "Education".
8. Shomanbaeva A.O. A manual on the discipline "Methods of psychological research" for undergraduates of specialty 6M050300-Psychology
9.Auelova KE, Zhanibekova G.O. Lecture collection on discipline "Akmeology, the basis of personal and social well-being" for students of the specialty "Education".
10. Tuseev M. ,., Nurpeisova M., Kalybekova G. Methodical instructions for practical training of students 5В050600 specialty "Psychology".
11. Akimbaev AA A case study on "Acmeology, the basis of personal and social well-being" for students of the specialty "Education".
12. Zhandabaeva IS, Kalkhodzhaeva AM, Burkitbaeva D. Methodical instructions on the discipline "Akmeology, the foundations of personal and social success" specialty 5В073100,5В042000 for the independent work of students.
13. Nurzhigitov A.S. Manual on the organization of independent work of the student in the discipline "Psychology of Human Development", specialty 5B010900 in the evening system.
14.Arapbaeva G. Methodical instructions for conducting practical classes on the specialty 5B072900 "Self-knowledge"
15.Burkitbaeva D. The lecture collection for students of humanitarian specialties "Psychology".
16. Duanaeva SE, Kalybekova G.Zh. "Collection of lectures on the discipline" Psychology "for the specialty 5В070900» дәріс жинағы.
17. Shalkharbekova N.A. A lecture collection for students «Collection of lectures on discipline« 6M050300 »    
 In accordance with the schedule of disciplines approved by the bachelor's degree, curricula, curricula, practical exercises and lectures were developed.