Educational-methodical work

    The organization of the educational process and work at the department meets the requirements of the State Educational Establishment of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other normative document. Modern innovative pedagogical technologies are introduced at the department. These are presentations, glossaries, tests. In the process of teaching, the department uses the means to activate cognitive activity of students, use video materials, videotapes, enter the "virtual world" in discipline in lecture sessions.
    The students of the department are provided with the necessary educational and methodical literature.

   To organize the independent work of the students, the department developed methodological recommendations for planning, managing and controlling the independent work of students, as well as methodological recommendations for the execution of course and diploma papers.
    The organization of the CDS, SRSP is carried out according to the programs of the read disciplines.

   At the department in all specialties there are notes and lectures. The content of lectures on basic cathedral disciplines includes new achievements in the field of sports theory, theoretical provisions of the Law on Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Presidential tests, the integrated program of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    Organization of monitoring progress at the department is carried out in accordance with existing provisions on the organization of attestation of students. Examinations for academic disciplines are conducted in the form of tests, in oral and written form.

   The level of quality of knowledge of students shown in Freight One corresponds to the quality of training of specialists. At the department there is a methodical seminar on the problems: "Physical education in preschool institutions", "Modern problems of professionally-applied physical training", "The regime of motor activity of various population groups".
   The organization and conduct of industrial practice are consistent with the goals and objectives of training specialists. At the department there are contracts with UNPK developed programs and methodological recommendations for the fulfillment of assignments by students in practice. At the end of the practice, students pass a differentiated test according to the results of the practical training. Students are given an overview.