Congratulation on the Victory Day

On the eve of celebration of the 71st anniversary of the Victory Day, for the purpose of fostering patriotism and respect for history of the homeland, for the senior generation the curator of FK14-3k2 group Saripbekova A.T. visit of the veteran of the Second World War of Babayev Altybay who this year was 92 years old has been organized. The veteran has told students about difficult and terrible years of war when he, being a young fighter in 1942 has gone to be at war to the western front to the Smolensk region. He was at war also near Kursk, and also in the central front. I have got two fighting wounds. Having returned from war, Altybay of anti-terrorist operation establishes a family with of an ap and is engaged in work in the food industry of the city and area. Students had an opportunity to hear history of each medal and award which hang at it on a single-breasted coat. Altybay anti-terrorist operation is an honourable citizen of our city. He one of the first residents of our city has planted trees in park of Abay. Having given the youth to war and post-war years, he also still tries to remain the vigorous, vigorous and hospitable person.