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 Dean of the Faculty

 Demeuov Akhan Kalybayevich

 Candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor

 The address: Shymkent, 160012, street Bajtursynova, SKSU of M.Auezova,

 Phone: 8-7252 - 41-33-69

Deputy dean for academic and educational work: Esipov Vladislav

Deputy dean for educational work and social affairs: master, Malgaydarova Gulsara Turganbaevna

Responsible for the website faculty: Altaeva Gulnaz Nurseitovna.

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Faculty of Physical culture and Sports is one of the oldest and largest divisions of the M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.

In 1966 in Shymkent state pedagogical institute for the first time on a specialty "Physical education" it was taken 25 students. In 1970, he became an independent faculty "Physical Education", composed of three departments: "Theory and methods of physical education," "Sports disciplines", "General physical preparation." In 1990, under the supervision of Ph.D. academician, honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the Chimkent M.B.Saparbaeva College of Physical Education and the Faculty of Physical Education Shymkent state pedagogical institute was founded Shymkent pedagogical institute of physical culture, which in 1996 together with the Pedagogical Institute of Culture was reorganized in M.Auezov South Kazakhstan Humanitarian University.

Currently on the faculty are 7 departments: "Theory and methods of physical culture and sport", "Basic military training", "Psychology and defectology", "General Psychology", "The sports disciplines and Martial Arts" "Physical training for humanitarian and pedagogical specialties", "Physical training for agrarian, legal and economic specialties."

The faculty has 122 teachers, including 7 professors, doctors, 25 candidate science, 7 honored trainers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 21 Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 46 masters, 31 senior lecturers and teachers.

At five producing departments of the faculty ("Theory and methods of physical culture and sport", "Basic military training", "Psychology and defectology", "General Psychology", "The sports disciplines and martial arts") are trained 902 students and undergraduates from the Faculty of walls about 200 experts are available every year.


Faculty's mission is to provide quality training, contributing to the development of military-patriotic education of youth and healthy lifestyles in the region that will be in demand today and in the future on the labor market.

Educational activity of faculty is aimed at training highly qualified specialists on the basis of integration of education and science with the use of modern management and control systems, innovative teaching methods, allowing to provide high quality educational process.


Currently on the faculty of the transition to a worldwide multi-level system of education, which includes a four-year bachelors with the possibility of continuing education for Master Programme.

Material base:

The faculty has 19 specialized laboratories and classrooms, computer classes, connected to the cable and wireless internet, lecture classrooms with interactive multimedia equipment, educational field base, a greenhouse, a botanical garden. To achieve greater athletic performance at the University has good sports facilities: sport centers "Petrel", "Densaulyk", 12 gyms, 3 football fields, a swimming pool, corresponding to world standards, athletics facilities, 2 box rooms, 2 rooms of struggle, 2 tennis courts 2 hall of weightlifting, open sports grounds.

M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University is one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan on sports activities.

During the existence of the Faculty of Physical culture and sport at different times here trained participants of the Olympic Games, the winners and prize-winners of the World Championships, Europe, Asia.

Over the years, members of the Olympic team of the Republic were our students Aliya Yusupova, Bekzat Sattarkhanov, Khromova Tatyana, Tatyana Bocharova, Bakhyt Akhmetov, Olga Dovgun. We are proud to note that several students were awarded SKSU license to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It Zhazira Zhapparkul (weightlifting), Kairat Yeraliyev (boxing), Andrei Mogilev (trap shooting).

At the World Universiade 2013 in Kazan in the national team of Kazakhstan team had 15 students. Students O. Snegirevich by shooting took place 1, B. Primbaev - 3rd place in freestyle wrestling, A.Mischuk won 3rd place in the skeet shooting.

At the World Universiade in 2015 in South Korea, the Kvanzhu gold medal in taekwondo won the 4th year student of N. Mamaev and for the year was named the best taekwondo planet, the bronze medal won by shooting university students Frolov, Pochivalov B., A. Mishchuk .

At the Asian Games (Incheon) in 2014 was attended by 10 students. The bronze medals were won and A.Mogilevsky (trap shooting), K Yeraliyev (boxing) have become champions of the Games of M. Dmitrienko, Sereda Oksana. Silver medalist became N.Mamaev (Taekwondo).
In 2014, students: D. Dahmen became world champion in the belt wrestling, G. Turmahanova world sambo champion, S.Esen winner of the international tournament "Grand Prix" in judo and N. Sabirov became the world champion among students of boxing.

Student 2 course Zhazira Zhapparkul, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in weightlifting, is a champion of the Youth Olympic Games, world champion among youth, the silver medalist of the World Championship 2014 among adults., In 2015. won the silver medal of the world championship in Houston (USA), has won a license to participate in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Zhaneyro. Students 2 courses Zhanbota Aldabergenova won the silver medal of the world championship in freestyle and by the end of the season 2015-2016y He won the European Cup.

The pride and valor of the university - a sports elite, which had been giving their all 19 coaches at the club "Sunkar" and the 21 th sports sektion. Among them - five RK honored coaches, 11 coaches of the highest category and 5 judges of the international category.
The result of their hard work is impressive: 45 SKSU students are members of the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in various sports, their names forever in the annals of sports of the country.
Every year, by the decision of the Academic Council of SKSU allocated more than 50 university grants to support talented athletes.


Our graduates

At present, our graduates work in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of education and institutions of physical culture and sports. Graduates of the faculty - Yusupova M.H., director of the gymnastics school, senior coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan; M Dildabekov director of school of boxing; A.Nurtaev head of the regional administration, FCIC SKO; B.Ahmetov senior coach in weightlifting;

Speciality 5B010800- "Physical culture and sport", released specialists physical culture and sports for sports: wrestling, boxing, martial arts, national sports, basketball, football, valeybol, gymnastics, athletics, swimming:
Graduates can work as:
- Teacher-Coach of physical culture and sport in secondary schools, colleges, high schools and Youth.
- Methodologist of physical culture and sports business;

Speciality: 5B010300 "Pedagogy and Psychology", 5B010500 "Defectology" educational psychologists and speech pathologists in demand:
- In secondary schools and universities;
- In the centers of psychological and social rehabilitation, mental hospital;
- In the services of psychological support of national cultural centers, special boarding schools, in the psycho-pedagogical correctional offices in the psychological, medical and pedagogical consultations in children's health centers, child rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, in the child's home, children's homes and social rehabilitation of children and youth centers

Speciality: 5B010400 "Basic military training"
Graduates can work as:
- Teacher - organizer of basic military training in secondary schools, colleges, high schools;
- After the assignment officer's rank can be perizvany on a contractual basis in the Armed Forces of the Republic.
- Kazakhstan and the structures of the National Security Committee in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Customs;
- Can also work in the department of protection of the JSC, JSC, private enterprises, educational institutions and design institutes in the area of ​​structures, city, region. military offices.
- Methodists on military affairs in the state enterprises, organizations and private firms.

Speciality:  5В050301-Psychology
6M050300- Psychology

Graduates can work as:
- state educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities),
- Health institutions (special schools, boarding schools)
- Military units, Department of the Interior, legal department
- Medical expert centers